Streaming service support for the first LiveShell device will be discontinued at the end of November 2019. Click here for more infromation.
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Ustream Certified The USTREAM COMPATIBLE LOGO is only given to products that have been tested and certified by Ustream.
RTMP Available!
We supported RTMP Servers(AdobeMediaServer,
WowzaMediaServer, etc.)
Easy operation without a PC. No need to struggle with streaming software or capturing devices anymore. You’ll be fine even if you don’t understand some difficult terms such as FMLE, encorder, driver, etc.
You can easily broadcast high video quality simply by connecting an HDMI cable. You can use any level of camcorder from home use to professional use. Before starting your broadcast, you can check out video quality with a broadcasting sample.
Check out our Akihabara live camera .
With live streaming, ‘stability’ is everything. Stability that can broadcast for many hours — this is the strongest ally of important broadcasting. Even if an Internet line is temporarily disconnected, there will be fully automated recovery.
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