TV Tokyo News program ‘WBS’ (Dec 15 2012)

Japanese very famous TV program ‘World business satellite’ on TV Tokyo picked up LiveShell. ‘Very easier and lighter-weight broadcasting solution than PC with WebCam’ Watch Archive (jump to TV tokyo’s website)

TOKYO MX TV program ‘Tokyo IT News’ (Nov 28 2011)

Japanese TV station ‘Tokyo MX TV’ news program picked up LiveShell. ‘Only connecting existing camcorder with LiveShell, you can do easy broadcasting’

Tech Crunch ‘The “LiveShell” Lets You Broadcast Live Video Via Ustream Without A PC’ (18 Oct 2011)

'Japan-based startup Cerevo took the wraps off the so-called “LiveShell” [JP] yesterday, a small device that makes it possible to stream live video to the web (via Ustream) without using a PC. It’s a significant improvement over the similar “Livebox” the company introduced last year.'

DVICE ‘Wireless add-on lets you stream video from anywhere without a PC’ (Jan 19 2012)

‘The Live Shell is a device that allows you to stream live video to Ustream without the use of a PC.’

GIZMODO ‘LiveShell Video Streamer Turns Your Life Into The Truman Show’ (Jan 19 2012)

‘It’s not the first live streaming solution to let you do this, but at just $300 it’s certainly one of the cheapest.’

engadget ‘Cerevo Live Shell with Contour+ hands-on (video)’ (Jan 12 2012)

‘Contour and Cerevo are teaming up this week at CES to release the Cerevo Live Shell accessory for HD camcorders enabling high-quality automatic upload and streaming to UStream from any HD video source — in this case, the Contour+.’

Ubergizmo ‘Cerevo Live Shell makes broadcasting live video a breeze’ (Jan 19 2012)

Called the Live Shell, all you have to do is attach it to your camera (via HDMI or composite video) connect it to the internet (via WiFi, Ethernet or a mobile router) and you’re good to go.

Geek Beat.TV ‘Cerevo LiveShell Review’ (Apr 11 2012)

‘The LiveShell is a fun little product that makes it easy to live stream to the internet from your everyday consumer video camera.’