Live Series Case Study
Cerevo's Live Series are being adopted by both consumers and businesses of various sizes.

スペック プランニング

スペック プランニング 無線LAN(Wi-Fi)スポーツ / コンペLiveShell Pro

自前のレーシングチーム「Team SPEC7」を持つ星野清治社長率いるSPEC PLANNING社では、サーキットを走る車のGPSデータを車載映像とシンクロさせコーナーの進入速度やボトムスピードをオーバレイして動画化する、自社開発の“GPS-Nero”ソフトと”M&SCam+GPS”車載カメラを、販売されています。

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Cerevo LiVE!!!

Cerevo LiVE!!! Cable LANWeb programLiveShell X

2018年9月9日にCerevoが開設、配信開始した、音楽ライブ配信専用チャンネル「Cerevo LiVE!!!」にももちろんCerevoのライブ配信機材が使用されています。

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Cable LANWeb programLiveShell X

藤本健氏(Fractal Design)が運営するWebメディア「DTMステーション(」のライブ配信版「DTMステーション Plus!」では、2016年11月からLiveShell Xを活用いただいています。

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All Japan Women's Championship for Four-Ball Billiards

Cable LANSportsLiveShell PRO

LiveShell PRO was used for live streaming the All Japan Women's Championship for Four-Ball Billiards, sponsored by the Japan Billiards Association.

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Japanese sake specialty restaurant "Sake To Sakana"

Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)Web programLiveShell X

LiveShell X was used for broadcasting a live streaming program from a Japanese sake specialty restaurant "Sake To Sakana" in Shinsen-cho, Shibuya-ku.

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Miyazaki Telecasting Co., Ltd.

Dedicated IP networkFixed pointLiveShell PRO

In October 2017, LiveShell PRO was adopted as the live camera equipment for Miyazaki Telecasting's live stream of Mt. Kirishima (Shinmoedake) which erupted for the first time in 6 years.

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Temple University, Japan Campus

Cable LANCeremonial occasion / ceremonyLiveWedge

Temple University Japan Campus conducts live streaming of graduation ceremonies in June every year. They used LiveWedge as delivery equipment for the live stream.

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RootDesign Inc.

Cable LANWeb programLiveShell X

We introduced LiveShell X for live streaming of idol and voice actor events periodically held by "Route Design", a content production house specialized in subculture such as games, plastic models and theater.

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Sanyo Broadcasting Company, Ltd. (RSK)

Cable LANMobile line(4G/3G)Sports / CompetitionLiveShell PRO

LiveShell PRO was used for a six and a half hour live broadcast of the Okayama Marathon 2016.

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Cable LANSeminar / ConferenceLiveShell XLiveWedge

LiveShell X and LiveWedge were selected as live streaming equipment for the open innovation project "Lab.", a talk event regularly held by the Japanese startup news website "THE BRIDGE" and the startup community.

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Start Python Club

Mobile line(4G/3G)Seminar / ConferenceLiveShell X

To aid learning the programming language "Python", we have selected LiveShell X as the live streaming equipment for "Everyone's Python study group" held every month by the "Start Python Club" community, covering a wide range off topics from beginner to master.

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IIJmio meeting

Cable LANSeminar / ConferenceLiveShell X

We used LiveShell X for live streaming at a user interchange event "IIJmio meeting" for the consumer service "IIJmio" operated by Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ).

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