Live Series Case Study
Cerevo's Live Series are being adopted by both consumers and businesses of various sizes.

Live streaming of idol and voice actor events at 1080/60p full HD

Full HD streaming Studio

We introduced LiveShell X for live streaming of idol and voice actor events periodically held by “Route Design”, a content production house specialized in subculture such as games, plastic models and theater.

Before using LiveShell X, they used LiveShell PRO and changed the streaming system with the release of LiveShell X. The image quality has been greatly improved to 1080/60p.

Other streaming services using a PC are provided in the studio, but LiveShell PRO and LiveShell X are highly recommended due to the quality and stability of their live streaming, compared to using a PC.

System architecture

Network Wired LAN (100Mbps)
System Streaming device (LiveShell X x1)
Switcher (Roland VR-3EX, VR-5)
Mixer (Phonic HELIXBOARD 12 PLUS)
Video Camera (Sony HDR-370V x4)
Microphine (SHURE 58A x4, Audiotechnica AT2050, ZOOM H4n)
Streaming Service YouTube Live
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*As of April 2017

How they use Live series

Video console that is compatible with streaming using a PC

Using LiveShell PRO in combination with LiveShell X

Live streaming event

A video shot using the system (in Japanese)

User information

Name of the company RootDesign Inc.