Live Series Case Study
Cerevo's Live Series are being adopted by both consumers and businesses of various sizes.

24-hour 365-day live streaming of Mt. Kirishima (Shinmoedake) erupting for the first time in 6 years

Fixed point camera

In October 2017, LiveShell PRO was adopted as the live camera equipment for Miyazaki Telecasting’s live stream of Mt. Kirishima (Shinmoedake) which erupted for the first time in 6 years.

A camera was set up at the Takahara Town office close to Mt. Shinmoedake and used to input images to the LiveShell PRO installed at the TV Miyazaki headquarters via a dedicated IP network. In addition to performing continuous streaming on YouTube Live 24 hours a day, the situation of Mt. Shinmoedake could be viewed from the YouTube Channel page.

Various functional requirements were analysed such as can captioning be added to the streaming video using the LiveShell PRO alone and is it easy to switch to a still image prepared in advance from smartphone or PC when temporarily disconnecting video if performing maintenance. Feedback from the live streaming team was positive – “The functions that the site requires are covered by a single device which is very handy.”

System architecture

Network Dedicated IP network
Streaming Devices Streaming Device (LiveShell PRO)
Video Camera (Canon BU-41H)
Streaming Service YouTube Live

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*As of October 2017

How they use LiveShell series

Installed camera outdoors

Installed streaming equipment indoors

How the streaming took place

Videos shot using device

User information

Name of the company Miyazaki Telecasting Co., Ltd.