Live Series Case Study
Cerevo's Live Series are being adopted by both consumers and businesses of various sizes.

Live streaming of nationwide billiards tournament in realtime


LiveShell PRO was used for live streaming the All Japan Women’s Championship for Four-Ball Billiards, sponsored by the Japan Billiards Association.

The association provided live streaming of the tournament over two days using two cameras and two LiveShell PROs for two streams, the main channel and the subchannel. The subchannel camera operations were controlled by network, so a single operator could control both streaming and camera work.

Live streaming utilized Ethernet connections at the tournament venue, but streaming may be carried out over a mobile connection depending on the network situation at other venues. Even if the mobile connection is unstable, LiveShell PRO can automatically resume streaming when the network connection is restored. The live streaming team was impressed with LiveShell PRO’s ability to stream with optimum settings according to network connection conditions.

Once LiveShell PRO has been set up, it is easy to use for those who are live streaming for the first time on site, by simply by connecting the cable and turning on the power. Also, the Monitor Out function on Liveshell PRO makes it simple to check streaming output at the venue.

System architecture

Network Ethernet
Streaming Devices Streaming Device
Streaming Device
Video Camera
Video Camera
Streaming Service Ustream

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*As of October 2017

How they use LiveShell series

Streaming Device

Streaming Device

Depending on venue

Videos shot using device

User information

Name of the company Public interest incorporated association
– Japan Billiards Association Kanto Branch
Streaming collaboration: Mr. Yasumasa Yoshie