Live Series Case Study
Cerevo's Live Series are being adopted by both consumers and businesses of various sizes.

Alternative bit rate streaming for PCs and smartphones with only one unit

Exclusive streaming Multi-streaming Events

We used LiveShell X for live streaming at a user interchange event “IIJmio meeting” for the consumer service “IIJmio” operated by Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ).

IIJmio meeting live streaming used IIJ’s own service and LiveShell X was used as an encoder to stream how the venue was looking and presentation patterns etc., to a server via RTMP. LiveShell X can deliver up to 3 video streams to different locations and we used two video streams with different bit rates for PC and smartphone. We also utilized the recording function on LiveShell X to record to a microSD card as a backup stream.

Streaming is limited to real-time broadcasting on the day only, and automatically separated by viewers’ device, using JavaScript to watch at the optimum bit rate when accessed by the browser. Live streaming can scale to hundreds of thousands viewers by using IIJ’s backbone direct connection server, and it also supports content delivery to game consoles and IPTV in addition to PCs, smart phones and tablets.

We have evaluated multiple streaming products than can deliver content at different bit rates for PC and smartphone, LiveShell X is highly recommended for its performance and backup recording capabilities.

System architecture

Network Wired LAN
System Streaming device (LiveShell X x1)
Video Camera
Video Camera
PC (for operator)
PC (for streaming)
Streaming Service Independent service
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*As of April 2017

How they use Live series

Event image

Streaming from LiveShell X to its own server

Using built-in camera for streaming

User information

Name of the company Internet Initiative Japan Inc.